Advice for Discernment

  • Prayers for Discernment

    Prayer to Know One’s Vocation

    Lord, my God and my loving Father, you have made me to know you, to love you, to serve you, and thereby to find and to fulfill my deepest longings.  I know that you are in all things, and that every path can lead me to you. 

    But of them all, there is one especially by which you want me to come to you.  Since I will do what you want of me, I pray you, send your Holy Spirit to me: into my mind, to show me what you want of me; into my heart, to give me the determination to do it, and to do it with all my love, with all my mind, and with all my strength right to the end.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen. 

    Diocesan Novena Prayer

    God our Father,
    we beg You for an increase in religious vocations.
    Help our people offer their lives in service to You.
    Let them hear Your Spirit's invitation,
    and awaken in their hearts a desire
    to respond with courage, generosity, and joy.
    Raise up from our families faithful leaders who will serve as deacons, priests, and consecrated religious, as we entrust to Your care all who seek to do Your will.
    We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    This novena prayer can be prayed for nine days, particularly during the nine preceding days before Good Shepherd Sunday during the Easter Season. 

    A Prayer for Young People

    Lord, help these young people to listen attentively to your Word.  Help them to make wise decisions for their future, which are inspired by faith in You.  Help each of us, at whatever stage in life, to be open to what you are calling us to do and to be.  We ask this in the name of your dearly beloved Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Prayer to Our Lady for Vocations

    (Pope St. John Paul II, Message for Vocations Sunday, 2001)

    Most Holy Virgin, who without hesitation offered yourself to the Almighty for carrying out His plan of salvation, pour trust into the hearts of young people so that there may always be zealous pastors who are able to guide Christian people on their way of life, and consecrated souls who may know how to witness, in chastity, poverty, and obedience, to the freeing presence of your risen Son.  Amen. 

    A Vocations Prayer for Parents

    Loving God, you have given us the privilege as well as the responsibility of being loving parents.  In the name of Jesus, we ask you to guide us as we invite our children to hear your call to service and leadership in our Church. 

    May our children respond with deep faith and generosity to the needs of your people.  Help us to be a source of encouragement to our children by our own desire to be committed people who serve with love and enthusiasm.  We ask this through Christ, our Lord.  

    A Rosary for Vocations
    The Luminous Mysteries Meditations:

    The Baptism of Jesus:  In this great mystery at which the Lord begins His public ministry, Jesus joins His people in the waters of baptism, revealing the glory of the Trinity as the dove of the Holy Spirit descends and the voice of the Father is heard.  May more young men and women desire to proclaim Christ as the Beloved Son in whom the Father is well-pleased. 

    The Wedding Feast of Cana: In his first public miracle in which He reveals His divine power, His actions are prompted by the request of the Blessed Mother and her instructions to the waiters, “Do whatever He tells you.”  As our young people discern their vocation, may they follow Mary’s advice and answer the call of the Lord. 

    The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God: As our Lord proclaims the arrival of the Kingdom of God and the need for a conversion of heart, we pray that men and women of every age will bolding proclaim this saving message.  For in continuing the saving mission of Christ, the Church seeks to comfort and inspire all men and women with the joy of the Gospel. 

    The Transfiguration: Knowing that His death was awaiting Him in Jerusalem, our Lord gives His disciples a preview of His Easter glory.  It is this same glory to which Christ calls us.  May future priests and consecrated religious assist more men and women toward this glory by encouraging them to take up their cross and follow in the Lord’s footsteps. 

    The Institution of the Holy Eucharist: On the night before He died, our Lord established a lasting memorial of His sacrifice and entrusted this gift of the Eucharist to His Apostles, commanding them, “Do this in memory of me.”  May holy young men step forward to consecrate the Bread of Life and lead us more deeply into the saving mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection

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